Commissioned Art: (See Gallery for additional samples)
Cityscapes & Landmarks
– Commemorative images such as old heritage sites, family homes or heirlooms, or even a combination of portrait and event or location image. (Portraits Gallery).
Pet Portraits

Ordering your own personalized artwork is easy.

There are some basic considerations in planning an artwork for you own special event or person:

1. Subject: Are there good source images available or will you require additional photography/research for your artwork?

– Costs for travel/research will be included in the fee charged.

2. Dimensions: Some subjects are easily suited to a variety of dimensions. Others are better suited to a specific range of sizes.  I will discuss your requirements and recommend the most suitable size.

3. Schedule: When do you want/need the finished artwork?

4. Framing: Some clients like to select matting and frames to suit their individual decor.

If you have a box of photos, or a few I-phone shots, or you want me to arrange a photo session; I can help you select one or two good compositions that  suit your preferences for your artwork to celebrate those people, pets, sites, etc. that are part of your life story or for the perfect gift to someone special.

*I can often combine those “not so good photos” with  details found in other photos to create an image you can be proud to have.  Show me what images you have and let me help you make it “special”.  Contact me