Classes are booked in blocks of ten sessions (2 hours each) for $200 (Supplies not included).
Additional information and class schedules are in the classes and schedule page.

Basic supplies for the first sessions are:

  • drawing pad ( minumum 11″ x 14″)
  • Minimum 3 pencils (3H – HB – 3B) *Drawing sets are also available at most stores which cover this range of pencils.
  • white vinyl eraser
  • sharpener

Additional supply requirements will be determined during the first class after we start planning your personalized program to fit your set goals/subject/medium.

Each session is comprised of a variety of skill levels. Beginners to advanced mutually benefit by listening in to any instruction given in the class to any students.  Advanced levels often discover techniques they have never encountered when the instructor is demonstrating a technique to a less advanced participant, while the novices can see the advanced students struggle and overcome problems which they might never had tried or seen in a class comprised only of novice artists.

 The majority of the classes are “Tutorial Format“.  The instructor circulates while students work at individual subjects and media offering assistance and instruction to each participant.  If there is an exercise which will allow the student to reach his/her goal in the artwork; Michael will recommend a “detour” and demonstrate a different approach or technique to solve the challenge (or avoid some roadblocks).

If students need some step-by-step instruction, Michael will walk them through the process at hand and fellow classmates are welcome to participate or listen in adding any questions that may come to mind. (In effect each attendee can gain knowledge in more than their own particular medium through this approach. – Some students have been known to detour into exploring art materials and techniques they had no idea existed or were in the least interested in – until they experienced them though on-looking as Michael assisted a classmate.)

Art supply lists & discounts

Each student has different supply needs dependant on his/her medium and subject choice.   Supply lists will be determined during the first session. (there is a basic/ minimum supply list in  the class introduction, description emailed to registrants.)


Art Placement Art supplies & Hues Art Store. Be sure to tell them you are registered in the  class before they ring in the purchase.  (Addresses & details of discount percentages will be added here soon.)

Art Placement — requires a finalized class list from me, so I encourage you to wait until after the first session before making any major supply purchases. (If vital, ask them to call me to confirm registration or ask questions concerning supplies required. They’re very helpful.)

Private Workshop Sessions or lessons

Individual or group lessons can be booked by contacting me. I will work with you to design a workshop or ongoing classes that meet your goals.
Private one on one sessions $35/hour (usually 2 hours) strictly held to appointment times. (charge is hourly – not pro-rated)

DROP-IN Art Sessions for those who cannot attend regularly are available in classes where there are spaces available. (Fee: $30/2 hour session).*Call ahead to ensure space.

Are any of the artworks displayed for sale?

Yes, many of the displayed art are for sale.

Feel free to inquire about any works that catch your eye. 

If you see a sample in the works which were commissioned or one which has been sold, you may wish to consider commissioning a similar piece or art.

Commissioning an artwork is surprisingly easy.  I will guide you through the process helping with any decisions and suggesting refinements.