Getting ready for the Summer Markets (Updates from the studio)

Moose Jaw 10-35 (clock tower) 2016 Artwork webimage
Summer Art sessions are starting  the week of July 5th. The usual seasonal slowdown has me watching for late registrations and juggling the class schedules to give everyone a good shot at art classes that fit both all schedules. (If that’s possible…)

Trying to get new artworks ready for the market displays at Moose Jaw (July 1st) and Saskatoon (July 10th).
I’m thinking I need to focus on more landscape and landmark subjects and finding some galleries where I can present the results.

I’ll be sure to scout more interesting landmarks at Moose Jaw. It is such a classic town.  I’m looking forward to displaying my work with so many other talents in Crescent Park and exploring the town sites, cuisine and a little time in Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.

*Be sure to visit me if you can make it. (Bonus points if you tell me you read the blog!)